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Divi Online Classes Courses Courses is an online platform that offers a range of engaging and informative courses to help individuals enhance their beauty and self-care routines. These courses are designed to empower learners with valuable knowledge and practical skills in various aspects of beauty, skincare, and personal grooming.

100’s of Hours of Instruction

Track Your Progress

Is a feature or system that allows learners to monitor and assess their progress and performance while engaging in online educational courses. This feature provides valuable insights and feedback to learners, helping them understand their strengths and areas for improvement.

With the “Track Your Progress” feature, learners can keep track of various aspects of their online course journey, including:

Course Completion, Quiz and Assignment Performance, Time Spent, Learning Metrics, Badges or Certificates, Discussion Participation

Overall, the “Track Your Progress” feature provides learners with a comprehensive overview of their performance, motivating them to stay focused and committed to their online courses. It allows learners to identify areas that require more attention and provides a sense of accomplishment as they move closer to their educational goals.

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